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BENTIANNA selected as the discovery of 2014

BENTIANNA is honoured to have been recognised by bar scene experts.

This year’s prestigious Slovak Bar Awards highlighted quality and uniqueness in several areas connected to the bar industry, selecting the most outstanding bartenders, bars and products. Bentianna has been singled out for the Discovery of the Year Award. The jury of experts recognised Bentianna’s effective marketing, its attractive design, the charismatic personalities behind the brand and of course, the excellent quality of the product itself. “Bentianna has shown the most striking progress of all the brands in its category on the Slovak market and has become a must-have in Slovak bars,” said the most recent issue of Bar Magazine. Bentianna’s ambassador, Róbert Šajtlava, was also voted the number one Slovak bartender in the Slovak Bar Awards. Congratulations!

The Slovak Bar Awards is a competition hosted by the Bar Magazine.




In every bottle of BENTIANNA you will find a story six centuries old. Continue this story. And tell yours.

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