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Falstaff Bar- & Spiritsguide 2016 – the best bars and alcoholic beverages

Another success abroad! Bentianna has scored the same number of points as the third place in the category Liquors, bitters and herbal liquors in the assessment of the prestigious magazine Falstaff.

"Falstaff is an exclusive magazine for sophisticated bon vivants. Along top selected reports and extraordinary photo collections Austria's most prominent Gourmet Brand embodies numerous topics on joy, wine, dine, travel and fulfills a large range of the Savoir-vivre!"

The guide has evaluated the best bars in Austria, Germany and Switzerland, 400 alcoholic beverages and 45 craft beers. There is only one product from Slovakia and that is Bentianna and the professional jury awarded it 92 points. The third place in the category has also gained 92 points.

It is a great honor for us to get such high ratings and we look forward to the next challenge!

Top 3:
1. St. Germain 94p
2. Campari Bitter 93p
3. s´Orangerl 92p
Bentianna 92p

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In every bottle of BENTIANNA you will find a story six centuries old. Continue this story. And tell yours.

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