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History of BENTIANNA

15th Cent.

The Beginning of the BENTIANNA Story

Let’s go back in the story of BENTIANNA to the times when Celtic kings hailed their victories and newborn sons with the delicious drinks made of fermented honey. Later on, their unique taste combined with healing herbs and became the basis for the idea of the present-day BENTIANNA.
The story of BENTIANNA itself, however, only began with the Benedictine monks of the 15th century. It was their humility and famed knowledge of healing herbs that first shaped drink which would later become known to the world as BENTIANNA.


The Lost Recipe

Benedictine secrets and wisdom are the ground upon which the foundations of BENTIANNA were erected. The combination of the great yellow gentian and pure mountain honey gave rise to and exceptional elixir. This was used to prolong life and improve spirits.
However, in 1436, the monastery housing the original recipe laid victim to fire and the recipe was lost for six long centuries. And the story of BENTIANNA waited for its moment.


La Belle Epoque

If BENTIANNA were a woman, she’d have become the muse of La Belle Epoque. Baudelaire and Verlaine would gladly give up absinthe for her and spend the long night vigils dedicating endless verses to her. She would have been the inspiration for everyday stories of love in the alleys of Montmartre. French gentlemen would love her as they loved life – with passion and intensity. They would strive to uncover her subtle shades and discover all her flavors so that they could compose poems about her. So that they could continue the story.


Art Deco

The story of BENTIANNA goes back to times when every little detail mattered. To the times of Art Deco, when people used to tell their stories with a charm and a touch of grandeur. When every story had its dramatic climax. All this elegance, functionality and timelessness has also become the inspiration for BENTIANNA as we know it today.


Rebirth of BENTIANNA

BENTIANNA protected and preserved its story for long years, waiting for somebody to tell it to the whole world. Only a great ardor and curiosity lead Joseph Benjamin Benian towards BENTIANNA. While studying ancient family sources and period materials, he discovered threads leading to the original recipe. Fascinated with flavors and their composition, inspired by the experiences accumulated from 61 countries of the world and driven by the passion for the great things he picked up the elusive threads and the proud heritage of everything that went before – and created the recipe of the present-day BENTIANNA.



Today BENTIANNA reveals its precious secrets also to you. Come and discover its harmony, the exceptional union of flavors and scents and let yourself be carried to places you only dreamt of. Let the first sip flow through your body. Seize the moment and relish it. Deeply. Passionately. Let BENTIANNA tell you its story. And then pick it up – and continue.



In every bottle of BENTIANNA you will find a story six centuries old. Continue this story. And tell yours.

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