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BENTIANNA: A story of taste

Elegance, harmony and the beneficial effects of natural ingredients are the essence of the original herbal drink Bentianna, a new product from Taste Evolution. A new Slovak drink based on yellow gentian cleverly combines the best from history in a very modern way.

Where did Bentianna come from? Its story started long ago behind the high walls of a monastery in the Tatras. Benedictine monks put the phrase Ora et labora (pray and work) into practice, and built their relationship with God and nature. They picked and planted herbs around their monastery, and subsequently used them to create products that helped heal various ailments. They also discovered a healthy elixir, the main ingredient of which was gentian. Gentian strengthened the immune system and reputedly ensured a long life.

It took six centuries before the original recipe was rediscovered. After it was given final touches and took its current form adjusted to our tastes, the drink now effectively connects the wisdom of nature and the latest knowledge from mixology and drinkology. The name Bentianna is a tribute to the two basic essences of this drink. “Ben“ is the homage to Benedict monks and “tianna“ connects the heritage of nature – the rare herb Gentiana Lutea, or rather the extract of its medicinal root.

Gentian brings beneficial health effects as well as a distinct taste. Dark mountain honey provides a delicate and velvety texture to the drink. You can also taste the fresh touch of wild thyme and Echinacea. The mix of thirteen herbs is crowned by the ripening process in oak barrels used for tokay wine, which gives the drink its exclusive uniqueness. The alcohol content in Bentianna (13%) is the result of the natural fermentation of mountain honey and grapes.

Without long experience, trial and error, passion and feeling for balanced flavors, the original drink would have been lost. “When I first came across the predecessor of the Bentianna recipe, I believed that exactly this should carry the brand ‘made in Slovakia’. A herbal drink that our people will grow fond of and that can also be proudly presented to the world,“ said Joseph Benji Benian, who rediscovered Bentianna for us.

Whatever your experience, you will for sure enjoy it best with a glass of Bentianna.

About Taste Evolution:

The founder of Taste Evolution is Joseph Benji Benian, a well-known person in the Slovak bar scene as the founder of various bar and restaurant concepts, such as El Gaucho, Rambla, UpsideDown Whisky House, Sky Bar, Lemon Tree, The Rum Club, Savage Garden and others. He has travelled 61 countries, established and managed the first bartender school in Slovakia, and created dozens of drinks. For some time he considered creating a modern product with the message of the best home-made traditions. That’s why he founded Taste Evolution, with Bentianna as its first successful project. The aim of Taste Evolution is to bring new tastes, new culinary culture and more variety to gastronomy. The company builds on the Slovak-European tradition, heritage and values, and places great emphasis on the high content of natural ingredients in its products.




In every bottle of BENTIANNA you will find a story six centuries old. Continue this story. And tell yours.

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