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BENTIANNA as a partner of a prestigious gala night

The new Slovak herb drink Bentianna was the official aperitif of the gala night in Bratislava on the occasion of the International Globsec Conference.

During the special night on 14 May in the glamorous surroundings of Reduta, many invited guests and participants at the International Globsec Conference had the opportunity to taste the essence of our nature in the celebratory drink. The new Slovak herbal drink Bentianna was the official aperitif of the gala night in the presence of political figures such as Polish Prime Minister Donald Tusk, Hungarian Prime Minister Viktor Orbán, and Czech politician Karel Schwarzenberg. “We are happy that the conference organizers chose Bentianna as their partner. Bentianna combines the charm of Slovak nature and part of its history. Bentianna is proud to be involved in similar events, and thus contribute to the image of Slovakia that foreign guests create,“ said Peter Žoldoš, Marketing Manager at Bentianna.

Bentianna entered the market only several months ago, but has already established its own unique category of drinks, becoming a partner of prominent social events, and being present at various prestigious places in Europe.

About Bentianna

Bentianna is an original Slovak herbal drink which cleverly connects the best from history in a very contemporary and modern way. The unique taste and beneficial health effects are due to the rare yellow gentian. Dark mountain honey provides a delicate and velvety texture to the drink. Grape juice and tokay wine endows Bentianna with a surprising, full and delicate aroma. The ripening process in oak barrels used for tokay wine is also very rare, and gives a final touch of harmony and uniqueness to the drink.





In every bottle of BENTIANNA you will find a story six centuries old. Continue this story. And tell yours.

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