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Bentianna has won silver medal at International Spirits Competition

Another confirmation of the quality of Bentianna came from Berlin International Spirits Competition. The 3rd annual event took place February 21-22nd 2016 in Kempinski Berlin Hotel and the results were announced at the ProWein exhibition in Düsseldorf (13 to 15 March 2016).

The competition is part of the International Beverage Competition Group, which includes cities New York, Berlin and Melbourne. The competition puts enormous emphasis on the jury that is exclusively manned with professionals of the industry, which is different to other competitions. The product evaluation was made by distributors, importers, buyers of retail outlets, hotel owners, F&B managers, restaurants and bars from more than 7 countries. These judges have buying power and direct impact on the sale of these alcoholic beverages on the worldwide markets.

All products were evaluated on the basis of "blind tasting" by their category. Almost 500 alcoholic beverages from all around the world participated in the competition and Bentianna received one of the highest ratings and the "Silver Winner" in its category. After the Newcomer of the Year Award in 2014, the fantastic rating from the renowned Falstaff magazine in 2015 we feel again confirmed in our quality and marketing strategy by winning the third famous trophy.

About Bentianna

Bentianna is a unique aperitif composed of wine and grape juice from Tokay varieties, special combination of honeys, 13 selected kinds of herbs and great yellow gentian. The pure, natural drink Bentianna has roots dating back to the 15th century from Benedictine monks in the High Tatra mountains in Slovakia, which had been the first home of the original recipe and the predecessor of the current Bentianna. In the fermentation process the natural 13% of alcohol is created and then Bentianna is aging from 6 to 12 months in oaken casks from Tokay wine and precious barrique barrels. The high quality ceramic bottle glazed in white with a mechanical leverage cap emphasises its historical roots, hands-on production, and the drink’s personal approach.

Joseph Benjamin Benian established the company Taste Evolution Ltd. in 2013 with the purpose to produce and sell Bentianna. The product was launched successfully in all across Slovakia and after only 3 years it is offered in more than 350 hotels, restaurants and cafes and in 150 retail stores. Bentianna was launched also in Czech Republic, Austria, UK, Germany, China and aims even further. Right now Bentianna is involved in crowdinvesting campaign at CONDA and is planning to use the investments for expansion into new markets.

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In every bottle of BENTIANNA you will find a story six centuries old. Continue this story. And tell yours.

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