Unique Blend Ideal Aperitif
Made by Nature


Here is a glass of BENTIANNA in its purest form. Take a deep breath. Have a look at the light refracting on its honey-gold color. Close your eyes – and sense. The flavor on your tongue, the feeling, that first contact. All those stories unfolding in front of you.

Perfect Serve

BENTIANNA on the Rocks


4 – 5 cl BENTIANNA
Ice cubes and fresh lemon
Absinth glass, wine or old fashioned glass

There is great beauty in simplicity. Enjoy BENTIANNA in its natural form.



Looks and Color

Intense color of autumn leaves with golden glints of mountain honey.


Full and extractive, gentle citrus in the beginning is later covered with honey a veil with a subtle undercurrent of a mountain honey and dried raisins, finished with hints of caramel and tones of candied citrus peels.


The sweetness of the intense forest honey and raisin extract smoothly flows to unmistakable gentle bitterness of the mountain herbs. The sweetness is not stark but rather beautifully balanced. Initially, you feel the juiciness of grapes and dried raisins pickled in forest honey. As the flavor subsides, you can feel the peels of candied orange and grapefruit. Captivating bitterness in the end balances the pleasing, unobtrusive sweetness of this liqueur and hints at the extract of herbs, foremost the gentian, which gives this elixir the unmistakable soul.


More forms of BENTIANNA

May BENTIANNA become your companion. During meetings with friends, family, with those closest to you. During all those precious moments when you share your stories. Choose your favorite form of BENTIANNA and let the time flow. Don’t rush.

With coffee

Every special moment deserves a cocktail of its own. Try our special BENTIANNA cocktails and let them speak. They will tell you many stories.

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In every bottle of BENTIANNA you will find a story six centuries old. Continue this story. And tell yours.

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