Unique Blend Ideal Aperitif
Made by Nature

How BENTIANNA Came into Being



In the beginning, there was an idea. An idea of a drink that will stand out among others due to its composition, flavor and lightness. A drink drawing its flavor from purely natural ingredients. So we took some of the best things nature has to offer. Water as the essential source of life – and honey. Fermentation then happens thanks to the combination of water, honey and yeast. This is how we obtain purely natural alcohol and ensure there is neither distilled spirit, nor added alcohol in BENTIANNA. Just the one graciously provided by nature herself.


2. Mixing and Uniting

Every story is composed of many parts. Each must take its proper place and each influences where the story goes. It is the same with each of the BENTIANNA ingredients. Every part of the BENTIANNA story is important and has to take place at the right time. Only then can all of those elements create that unmistakable harmony of flavors people have come to know and love.


3. Ageing in Barrels

Time plays an important role. We neither want to hasten anything, nor rush things. When making BENTIANNA, we walk slowly, deliberately and pay attention to every little detail. We know there are things which can’t be hurried. And so we place BENTIANNA into oaken casks from Tokay wine and precious barrique barrels for several months. It’s here where BENTIANNA gradually matures. Slowly, day by day, all the flavors come together and unite. Only then is the drink ready for its journey to you. Ready for the beginning of a new story.


4. Bottling

Finished BENTIANNA is then poured to elegant bottles made of high-quality baked clay. Their shape and typical lever cap – those are the details pointing back to the historical roots and craftsmanship necessary for making of BENTIANNA. It reminds us of its origin, the original recipe and all those years in which BENTIANNA took its shape. It’s a story that took several centuries to unfold.


5. Relishing

Close your eyes and immerse yourself in those stories. Share yours. Share the important moments with those you care about. Meet. Speak. Laugh. Stop for a moment. Relish it.



In every bottle of BENTIANNA you will find a story six centuries old. Continue this story. And tell yours.

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