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Made by Nature



Every sip of BENTIANNA is a little experience of its own, a dance of flavors and scents. Silky tones of honey, the unique combination of 13 healing herbs and the delicate bitterness of gentian are blended with juice from carefully chosen varieties of grapes and a genuine Tokay wine. All of this comes together in a unique harmony in which you can, time and again, keep discovering new stories.

It’s very important for us to craft BENTIANNA from the highest quality ingredients. Thus we can proudly present it to the world – and to you, so that you can write new stories.


Unique Composition

BENTIANNA is crafted from the best of what nature has to offer. We took the energy, strength and harmony and passed it on to BENTIANNA.


Special Combination of Honeys

Honey sweetness is definitely one of the most distinct flavors in BENTIANNA. It matters to us that we only use the best. It matters so much that we use a very special combination of several different kinds of honey, including the most precious – the dark mountain honey. We source it from the foremost Slovak honey producers and take great pride in being able to share with you its smoothness and delicious flavor and scent.


Great Yellow Gentian

Great yellow gentian is an herb shrouded in legend. In the past it was considered downright magical. As far back as in ancient Egypt it was already believed to have a plethora of beneficial effects. The Romans, too, believed likewise – and so do we. Therefore this herb makes for one of the most important ingredients of BENTIANNA and grants it its delicious bitterish undertone.


13 Selected Kinds of Herbs

There’s no other drink like BENTIANNA – a drink in which 13 different kinds of herbs dwell in delicious harmony. Each of the herbs contributes with its specific flavor and beneficial effects. The exact composition is, naturally, our carefully guarded treasure. What we can reveal, however, is that apart from the legendary gentian you can also find echinacea, lemon balm and mother-of-thyme. Herbs that strengthen – and reveal many mysterious stories.


Grape Juice from Selected Varieties

It’s said that trifles make perfection. That’s the reason why we dwell so much on the little details – so that you can discover new nooks in each and every sip. The grape juice in BENTIANNA, then, comes from no common grape. It comes from the precious and hallowed Tokay varieties Moscatel and Furmint. And it’s precisely this exquisite combination of the muscat flavor and fruity freshness that complements the flavors of BENTIANNA so beautifully.


Tokay Wine

Rightfully labeled as “the wine of kings and king of wines” or “the pearl in the necklace of Slovak wines”. There are precious few places in the whole wide world where they produce naturally sweet wine of such renown and grand quality. And so – just as every great story should be crowned with a royal ending, the crowning jewel in our story is the Tokay wine.




Pure Nature

The story of BENTIANNA is also a story about return to times when things were done slowly and with love. Therefore BENTIANNA is born slowly, matures long and we only pick the most precious and purest ingredients for it.


New Flavor

Exceptional achievements need to mature to perfection. BENTIANNA ages in genuine casks from Tokay wines and barrique barrels. It’s here where all the ingredients wed and give rise to the final symbiosis of flavors. Wine, herbs, honey, wood, time. All of this must come together until BENTIANNA can rest in your glass.


Low Alcohol Content

BENTIANNA has an alcohol content of only 13%. That makes it a perfect drink for those who wish to stop time for a moment and relish the present moment. Meet friends, listen to their stories and tell them your own.


Served in an Exclusive Package


Design of the Bottle

In every way, BENTIANNA has returned to its roots. To the time and place where its story began. The baked clay, swing stopper, handicraft and personal attention – mere details, all of it. But it is precisely those details which, in the end, matter so much.


Gift Package

Share the stories with those you care about. Give them the joy of the elegant BENTIANNA packaging and start writing a new story together.



In every bottle of BENTIANNA you will find a story six centuries old. Continue this story. And tell yours.

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