Unique Blend Ideal Aperitif
Made by Nature

BENTIANNA on the Rocks

Difficulty of preparation:



  • 4 cl BENTIANNA
  • garnish: slice of fresh lemon


Glass: serve in absinthe glass or old-fashioned glass
Making: Straight Way

Pour BENTIANNA into an absinthe glass or old fashioned glass. Add 4 – 6 ice cubes, slice of lemon and mix everything gently with a bar spoon.

BENTIANNA on the rocks is the pure storyline. It is a unique opportunity to explore the mingling of flavors in this unique drink and to taste how the gentian and honey complement each other on the background of herbs. Enjoy. Enjoy to the fullest.



In every bottle of BENTIANNA you will find a story six centuries old. Continue this story. And tell yours.

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