Unique Blend Ideal Aperitif
Made by Nature


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Liquid Harmony

bentianna flaska
Unique taste
600-year history
Pure natural composition
Low alcohol content
Beneficial effects
Slovak origin

Unique Natural Composition

Special combination
of honeys

Great yellow gentian

13 selected kinds
of herbs

Grape juice from
selected varieties

Tokay wine


“Unique harmonizer of an evening.“ That, too, is BENTIANNA. Explore the original cocktails designed especially for BENTIANNA. Take it even further and discover a new culture of drinking.

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Where can you

Look for BENTIANNA in places where they like stories. And the number of these places keeps growing steadily. Find the one next to you and continue the story.


Came Into Being

BENTIANNA picks up the thread of the original recipe from the 15th century. Its essence was preserved to this day and consists of four basic stages – fermentation, maceration, maturation and packaging. And in the end – bottle of an exquisite drink.

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